Stabilo Worker Rollerball Pen Review

Mention the name Stabilo & the first thing that comes to my mind are highlighter pens.  I learned recently that these are not all this company produce.  Needing to make notes on a black & white document I picked up a red Stabilo Worker rollerball with a medium 0.8mm tip from a local store.


Stabilo Worker Red


Those of us who do a lot of writing, including students & office workers will probably be aware that ergonomics, the study of designing accessories & tools that suit us mortals, are an important factor.  This is a issue in all walks of life, I know from personal experience that if your chair is not the correct height, your PC monitor or keyboard are not positioned correctly it can lead to a number of issues.

With regards to writing, taking into account the needs of the person having the correct posture when writing will

Help protect against cramp

Reduce fatigue

Stabilo have worked with scientist, teachers & children to develop a range of ergonomically designed pens.

The Stabilo Worker has a self grip that completely covers the pen, ensuring it is comfortable to hold.  This high quality rollerball has a silver tip which aids  a smooth writing experience with liquid ink technology.  I like the way that it is contoured to be narrow close to the tip, wider in the middle & then narrows again, making it fit snugly in my hand.

Some of the benefits include

  • Money back guarantee – in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied in any way
  • Fast drying ink
  • Complies with REACH (Registration Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals)
  • Assists accurate handwriting on all qualities of paper
  • Only use solvents made of over 80% water

These liquid ink pens are available in Green Red, blue & black, the Stabilo worker has an ink level indicator which will ensure that you don’t run out of your favourite colour mid sentence.  Whilst it is a long lasting product, when it reaches the end of its life, you can be assured that when disposed of it can be recycled.

All in all a pen with a bold fetching design, that is comfortable to use & will stand out in a crowded desk tidy.

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