Stabilo-Write-4-all Review

I sometimes wonder what makes people tick, for instance I recently heard of a girl that wanted a more original keepsake than a guest book from her wedding & opted for a set of wishing rocks instead.

Stabilo Write 4 All Black F

If leaving your autograph on a polished stone is something that rocks your boat you will need something to write with. The Stabilo Write-4-all will leave its mark on almost any surface. An all-purpose permanent marker with a sturdy plastic tip & alcohol based ink that’s apparently frost resistant, waterproof, lightfast & an all important factor for rock signing its quick drying.

With a target market from tradespeople like bricklayers & joiners to those wanting to label a few CD’s, I can imagine you’d find the Write-4-all behind the ears of construction workers just as often as the gardener or office worker.

This marker is available in 3 tip sizes medium (1.0mm), fine (0.7mm) & superfine (0.4mm) with a choice of black, blue, green & red ink.

Now for the performance, I tried a fine tip & was pleasantly surprised as the 0.7mm line it produced was as clear & smooth as anything I’d expect from a favourite rollerball. I can also vouch for its waterproof, quick drying properties as my signature is now permanently etched on a favourite pebble that I use as a paper weight. I must admit to being disappointed that a good wash in hot soapy water as soon as I’d written didn’t restore it to its former glory.

The next time I need to mark a box for the freezer or the label on a DVD I’ll reach for a Write-4-all, just need to make a mental note that it’s definitely permanent!

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