Staedtler Stick 430F Review

For a Company with its roots firmly in the 19th century its not surprising that Staedtler are a well known brand. References to Friedrich Staedtler being a craftsman in the art of pencil making go back long before that, with mention of his name in Nuremberg city records 1662.

Staedtler 430 F Ballpoint Pen
Staedtler 430 F Ballpoint Pen

Whilst he early days were spent on making pencils, nowadays the company have a product for a whole array of pastimes from marking or writing to drawing, painting & crafting.

It’s a well known fact that ballpoints have been around since the late 1800’s, Staedtler started production in 1949, although the first examples were no doubt far removed from today’s offerings.

When I first used the Staedtler Stick 430F I was impressed by the smooth fine line it produced.

As well as having an ink flow regulator to avert scratching & blobbing, the 430F stick pen has an auto pressure device which guards against annoying leaks when taking flight, on an aeroplane that is as opposed to retreating at speed from an unwanted visitor or task.

This humble little ballpoint has a fine point & writes a 0.25mm line. They are available in black, blue, red & green. In contrast to the yellow barrel each different ink colour matches the cap, which clip tightly when posted & include a pocket clip.

Staedtler produce quality products & the 430F stick pen is no exception as well as being great value for money.



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