Tech Force Pen With Ruler

Ever thought about kick starting a project? Well that’s just what Josh Wilson has done with the Tech Force Pen & ruler sleeve.

This creative project has been brought to fruition through Kickstarter, which is apparently the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Backers make their pledges & if the funding goal is reached what began as a dream of an idea can become a reality.

Tech Force Pen 1

This particular invention is a substantial cover & sleeve which has been designed for Pilot Hi-Tec C Ink Cartridge refills, its supplied with a small dime screw to enable insertion. The casing around the pen slips seamlessly into the sleeve which doubles as a ruler & is engraved with both metric & imperial markers.

Tech Force Pen 3

Josh is a design enthusiast who appreciates the fact that some of the best ideas are often simple (that said, this project has taken around a year from conception which is no mean feat in my book!) This creation has a stylish minimalist design, it has a 10mm diameter, is 129mm long, weighted in the middle & approximately 28g.

Tech Force Pen 2

The funding threshold has been exceeded & production is impending. These pens & rulers will made from solid aluminium & be available with a brushed or anodised black finish. All that remains to say is Good Luck Josh!




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