The Complete Guide to Benu Pen Refills

This Ultimate Benu Pen refill guide shows you every refill Benu makes for their pens and pencils, which pens they fit and alternatives from other brands where available.

1. About

Established in 2016 by Alex Semanin and Kate Dmitrieva, Benu is a manufacturer of fine writing instruments.

They make fountain pens and Rollerball pens in bright, colorful, expressive designs using exclusive materials with a distinctive finish.

2. Benu Rollerball Pen Refills

Schmidt Safety Ceramic Roller Refill 5888 M

Benu Rollerball pens all take a standard Euro Format rollerball pen refill and have a Schmidt 5888 ceramic ball refill.

These are metal refills measuring 110mm in length and 6.3mm in diameter and a very smooth writing refill with a ceramic ball.

Schmidt 5888 refills are available in fine, medium, and broad tip sizes. Fine and broad refills have a choice of black or blue ink, and medium refills in 10 different colors.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Schmidt Refills for more information.

2.1. Alternative Benu Rollerball Refills

Benu rollerball pens use a Schmidt 5888 Safety Ceramic Rollerball pen refill, a standard Euro Format refill, and any refill in this format will fit.

Many different Euro Format refills from other manufacturers will fit these pens. So if you want to try a gel refill or even a Fineliner refill or have a greater choice of color, then you can do so.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Euro Format Refills for more information.

3. Benu Fountain Pen Refills

Benu Ink Cartridge

All Benu fountain pens use short international standard size ink cartridges, which are available from many brands, including:

  • Diamine
  • Kaweco
  • Schmidt
  • Waterman

They can also use an ink converter that allows the fountain pen to use bottled ink with many more colors to choose from.

Schmidt K5 Ink Converter

If your Benu fountain pen does not have an ink converter, you can use a Schmidt K5 ink converter.

4. Where Can I Buy Benu Cheap Benu Pen Refills

Buy Schmidt 5888 Refill on Amazon

Benu Rollerball pens use Schmidt Schmidt 5888 refills. While a few online stores sell them, they can’t compete with Amazon on price and free next-day delivery.

If you also have a different brand of pen, check out Pen Refill Guides, where there is a complete list of our in-depth refill guides for each manufacturer.

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