The Ultimate Guide to BIC Pen Refills

This ultimate BIC Pen refill guide shows you every refill BIC makes for their pens and pencils, which pens they fit and alternatives from other brands where available.

The Ultimate Guide To Bic Pen Refills

1. BIC Cristal Ballpoint Pen Refills

BIC Cristal Ballpoint Pen Refill

Sadly BIC no longer makes their BIC Cristal B3 ballpoint pen refills; they used to be available in black, blue, green, and red ink and were less expensive and better for the environment than buying a box of Bic Cristal Pens.

2. BIC 4-Color Retractable Ballpoint Pen Refills

Bic 4 Color Refills

BIC 4-Color Retractable Ballpoint Pen Refills are smooth writing refills with a medium 1.0mm tip. The refills are available to buy in packs of 4 assorted colors.

They are also available to buy as a pack of 50 black or blue ink refills.

The refills will also fit BIC 2 Color Pens, so if you are using just black and blue, then the pack of 50 refills will be a great option.

If you want to use a different color, you will need to buy the pack of four assorted colors even though you do not need 2 of the refills.

Check out our BIC 4-Color Pen Review If you would like to know more about this pen.

3. BIC Easy Glide Ballpoint Pen Refill

BIC Easy Glide Ballpoint Pen Refill

The BIC Easy Glide ballpoint pen is their standard refill for retractable ballpoint pens. It is a very smooth writing refill with a medium point 1.0mm tip and is available in black or blue ink.

BIC Easy Glide Refill Pen Compatibility

The BIC Easy Glide Refill will fit the following BIC ballpoint pens.

  • BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Pen
  • BIC Atlantis Comfort Ballpoint Pen
  • BIC Atlantis Ultra Comfort Ballpoint Pen
  • BIC Atlantis Air Velocity Ballpoint Pen
  • BIC Pro+ Ballpoint Pen
  • BIC For Her Ballpoint Pen
  • BIC ReAction Ballpoint Pen

BIC Easy Glide Ballpoint Pen Refill colors and tip sizes

Supplied in packs of 2, the BIC Easy Glide Refills are available in the following colors:

  • Black – MRCP2-BLK
  • Blue – MRCP2BE

4. Bic Gelocity Gel Pen Refills

BIC Gelocity Gel Pen Refill

BIC Gelocity gel pen refills are smooth writing water-based gel ink refills with a 0.7mm tip. Supplied in packs of 2, they have a medium 1.0mm tip and blue or black ink.

BiC Gelocity refills ft the following Bic gel pens:

  • Bic ReAction Gel Pens
  • BIC Gelocity Original Gel Pens
  • BIC Pro+ Gel Pens
  • BIC Velocity Gel Ink Pens

5. Bic Gelocity illusion Gel Pen Refills

Bic Gelocity illusion Gel Pen Refill

Bic Gelocity illusion Gel Pen Refills fit Bic Illusion erasable gel pens. The refills have a 0.7mm tip and a special ink that disappears when heat is applied via friction with its eraser.

The refills are available in black, blue, red, and green ink colors.

6. Where Can I Buy Cheap BIC Pen Refills

Buy BIC Pen Refills on Amazon

BIC pen refills are not widely available to buy locally. While a few online stores sell them, they can’t compete with Amazon on price and free next-day delivery.

If you also have a different brand of pen, check out Pen Refill Guides, where there is a complete list of our in-depth refill guides for each manufacturer.

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