Uni-Ball UB-155 Micro Deluxe Review

I’ve written before about my preference for a medium nib, that said the Uni-Ball UB155 Micro Deluxe is a pen that could prove to be an exception to the rule should I need to cram a lot of text into a small space.

Uni Ball UB 155 Black

The appearance of the stylish gun metal grey finish is spoilt a little by having white text stamped all over it, but that’s just a matter of opinion. The cap is more appealing with just the Uni logo in white text on a black band, another positive is the sturdy pocket clip with a sleek matt chrome finish.

When it comes to performance, the ink colour emitted from the 0.5mm steel carbide ball on the black pen was dark & strong with no skipping, smudging or blobbing. The Uni Super ink has the advantage of being waterproof, fade resistant & can withstand solvents, making for a good choice when writing signatures or anything needing to be tamper resistant.

My writing experience was smooth with no scratching, unlike my recent experience with the Pilot G Tec-C, although I appreciate that has a finer nib & its not strictly comparable.

The lack of a distinct grip section proved a little disappointing. The shiny black section from the nib to the joint with the grey barrel only has one ridged band. This led to my fingers slipping, stopping only when they reached the join with the grey barrel, the raised band didn’t seem to help at all.

The Uni-Ball Micro Deluxe is available in black, blue & red, individually or in packs of 12.

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