Uni-Ball Vision Elite UB200 Review

Let me just start by saying that I have never really been into crosswords, all those cryptic clues have simply seemed like a challenge too far.  That all changed recently whilst sitting in a hospital waiting room.  Needing something to pass the time & relieve my boredom, I picked up an arrow word puzzle from a nearby table.  The only pen I had in my bag was a Uni-ball Vision Elite, I sat back & set to work with a spot of puzzle solving.

Uni Ball UB200 Violet

The Uni-Ball Vision Elite is available with either a 0.5mm or 0.8mm ball.  I used the 0.8mm in Violet, which writes a 0.6mm line, just right for filling in the boxes.

Any fan of Uni-ball pens will be familiar with super ink, unique pigment ink that is tamper proof & resistant to light, water & fading.  I happened to spill some water on the page, once it had dried you wouldn’t even have known, no smudge marks were left, I can safely say it is resistant to water.

I like the convenience of rollerballs, this uni-ball is easy to write with & hardly needed any pressure applied to make the text really stand out on the page.  The see through section on the barrel means it is easy to gauge the ink level, should you find it running low this pen is also refillable.  I’m not sure how many people would do that, I usually just get another, try something different, there are so many styles & types to choose from.  Perhaps that just shows how fickle I am when it comes to pens, I’m sure there will some brand loyalists out there.

Comfortable to hold, the grip was fair, it has a criss cross effect textured section on the barrel & it didn’t slip from my fingers, even when the pen was poised waiting for my brain to catch up & answer a clue.

The Uni-ball vision Elite has airplane safe ink, something any frequent flyers will be pleased to note particularly if you choose one of the vibrant colours, such as orange, green, violet or wine, the traditionalist amongst us can also purchase black, blue, red & blue-black for business documents or letters.

This pen has a transluscent white & silver casing, a touch lightweight for me, but it does have a sturdy silver clip & colour coded cap (the violet is an accurate match) that snaps on well.  The 0.8mm ball is tungsten carbide making it hard wearing.

Should I decide I want to test the old grey matter in the future & take up some advanced cryptic puzzle solving, I will seek out some of the other vibrant shades in the Uni-ball Vision Elite range.

Something else I may look for is an erasable pen.

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  1. The blue-black is a great colour but I didn’t realise Vision Elites were also available in orange, green, violet & wine.

    In Australia the 0.5mm version comes in a stylish black body rather than the translucent white of the 0.8mm.


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