Zebra J-Roller RX Gel Pen 0.5mm – Review

The Zebra trademark has been around for a century, it’s no surprise therefore that the company produce a vast range of writing instruments. Amongst the array is the J-Roller RX, this is a gel ink rollerball of the stick variety.

Zebra J Roller RX Pen


I have to admit that I’d usually overlook this type of pen, expecting them to be confined to corporate stationary cupboard’s or as free gifts in those charity envelopes that often fall through the letterbox. Having recently put my prejudice aside & used the Zebra J-Roller RX Gel Pen 0.5mm I have to admit that overall I was pleasantly surprised by the writing experience.

This rollerball has a twin ball ink flow system, the transparent barrel makes it easy to keep an eye on the ink level. The cap gives a positive click when it is posted holding it securely in place on it’s journey around the page. Given that we can usually apply positive & negative thoughts to most things in life, for me pens are no exception so here is my take on the J-Roller RX

  • Smooth writing
  • Acid free & archival quality ink
  • No skipping
  • Doesn’t smudge


  • Poor grip section that doesn’t provide a secure resting place for the fingers

I found the blue ink in this pen to be bold & vibrant, they are also available in black or blue with matching barrels.

I’m one of those people that tends to pick up different pens depending on my mood or what I’m planning to write. Zebra recognise that not every pen fits every persons needs & their web site has a fun quiz to help you discover your true personality, so if you’ve a few minutes to spare why not take a look.

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