Zebra Nu Spiral Ballpoint Pen Review

Some may say that the Nu -Spiral Ballpoint was designed for its novelty value rather than just functionality. I have to say, the Zebra Nu-Spiral is a nice looking pen, it is available with black, blue, green, pink & orange barrels.

Zebra Nu Spiral Ballpoint Pen
Zebra Nu Spiral Ballpoint Pen

The spiral section is mixed with white & the silver at either end of the soft grip section gives it a stylist appearance.  This pen has been created with comfort in mind, hardly surprising as it was designed by a professor of ergonomics. The soft rubber grip is chunky & doesn’t slip in the same way some of the cheaper ballpoints can.  I used it on a really warm day, it remained firmly in my grip even with the sun beating down on my writing pad.

Ballpoints have come a long way since the biro.  Something I didn’t realize was that the British patent was filed as long ago as 1938.  Fed up wasting time refilling his fountain pen, & the hassle of smudges on his work, Journalist Laszlo Biro enlisted the help of his brother, a chemist, & set about doing something about it.

The Zebra Nu-Spiral is different.  There are other spiral barrel designs available, I am thinking of the Worther Spiral Ballpoint for one, but that particular pen is in a higher price range & being aluminum doesn’t have a rubber grip.

Some people would choose, a rollerball or gel pen over a ballpoint any day of the week, but I have to agree to differ.  This ballpoint was fun & comfortable to use, rested well in my hand & worked as well on post it notes & a cheap notepad as it did on higher end paper.

Writing has unfortunately become a dying art over the years.  It seems that most people prefer to use any form of technology that becomes available, rather than sit down & pen a good old fashioned letter.  Being of a certain age, I can recall the excitement of a handwritten envelope falling through the letterbox & then making a cup of tea in preparation to read it.  It was all part of the fun on occasion, having to read a sentence a couple of times before I could decipher the author’s news.

All in all I think this is a great pen for the price & very likely to stay in my collection long enough to need a refill.

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