Zebra Penpod Review

This little invention is a neat ballpoint pen with a mini key ring attached.

When closed the Zebra Penpod is just under 3″ long (75mm), extending to 90mm open.

If you are anything like me you will have found yourself out & about on occasions in need of something to write with.

Zebra PenPod


For instance, the For Sale sign that catches your eye, or have you ever made an impromptu visit to friend, only to find nobody home?  Or maybe you have had the unfortunate experience as I did, of finding your car had been backed into at the supermarket.  If I’d had a Zebra Penpod on my key ring the culprits registration could have been taken in a flash, instead I had to mess around recording it on my mobile.

These dainty looking pens are available in 5 different barrel colours, with a choice of black, blue or red ink.  They are refillable & can also be used with 4C refills (others are available outside the UK).

As my key ring plays host to an array of keys, I find it best to attach my penpod to a separate key ring as whilst the ring is pretty sturdy it is not recommended to attach excessive weight as it may break.  Although even I would struggle to have a bunch of keys weighing 3kg, the maximum weight suggested.

The Zebra Penpod is easy to open & close, just push the end & turn towards you to open & reverse to close by turning away from you.  It is comfortable to write short notes with, although personally I wouldn’t want to write more than a page at a time.  I found the line that the pen retracts into was just where I held the pen, & it did catch my thumb.  That said it is not meant to write a novel with, just to be handy when you need a pen in a hurry, the fine nib doesn’t scratch or leave blobs on the page.

Something else I liked was there was no worry of losing the lid as it stays securely attached to the key ring.

I think I’ll recommend it to my neighbour, I’m sure it would make a befitting attachment to his golf bag.

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  1. Just read the post about your missing pen section. I am a bit of a horder and struggle to throw things away, so I would have held on to the cap even though it is not much use without the pen section.


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