Zebra Telescopic Brights Ballpoint Pen Review

As I set about reviewing the Telescopic Brights range of Zebra pens, my brain ticked over searching for a reason for wanting such a slim short specimen. That’s when thoughts drifted to evenings out in my glad rags (which are few & far between these days) when every centimetre counts in those nano bags just about big enough to hold a credit card & small set of keys, let alone a full length pen.

Zebra Telescopic Brights Fan

I don’t know about you but I’m always one to try to cover all eventualities & like a pen to hand just in case. Sometimes I need to leave a note or even to just capture those light bulb moments & good ideas that are easily forgotten if not recorded.

The Zebra Telescopic Brights Ballpoint Pen is available in 6 vibrant colours, all of which live up to their bright name sporting a mix of colour with sleek chrome barrels, supplied with black ink. There are no prizes for guessing this particular Zebra is expandable, with a little clue in the name. When closed the pen measures just 97mm. It’s very easy to open & close, simply hold either end & push & pull as required, you don’t even need to extend to full length, as soon as the 1.0mm tips visible its ready to write.

These neat compact pocket pens are slim & stylish. When the ink is spent they can be revived with Zebra 4C refills available in black, blue or red ink. I feel its a bit of a shame they are not supplied in any packaging but if you wanted to give as a gift no doubt a suitable box could be found.


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