Zebra Z-1 Ballpoint Pen 1.0mm Tip – Review

I seem to be on a run of stick pen reviews of late. Thinking about it this might not be a bad thing in these times of austerity. The latest ballpoint to be taken through its paces is the Zebra Z-1.

Zebra Z1 BP Black

This series comes with a choice of 3 ink colours, all with matching grips, & end caps the former being made of a soft comfy rubber. I did however find my fingers rested on the ridge between the rubber & transparent nose section, which I found a little distracting & would prefer the grip to end closer to the tip.

Generally speaking, I like Zebra pens, they earn their stripes nine times out of ten as far as I’m concerned. OK some may have better ink or be more eye catching, I’d like to see more designs with their namesake in mind but all things considered they get my vote.

The Zebra Z-1 has a 1.0mm tip & a cap snaps on firmly, as I look at it I get the impression that the design may have something to do with the ridge on the grip that I didn’t care for. Now a little voice in my head gently reminds me of that saying you can’t have everything, especially when you consider this Zebra’s price.

My experience of this ballpoint was it’s a nice smooth writer, whilst the ink was thicker in some parts of the text than others, it didn’t smudge during writing as been my experience with other low priced ballpoints. Zebra’s claim that it has quick drying ink proved to be true & probably helped prevent any blobs or spider trails.

All things considered such as the price, performance & not forgetting the sturdy pocket clip which is flexible enough to attach to a fair sized notebook IMO the Z-1 a good all rounder.

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