Pilot FriXion PRO is the Same Pen, Just Dressed Up for Work

Pilot Ball Frixion Pro Black

Pilot has given its popular FriXion erasable gel pen a slight make-over. According to a release from the company, the Pilot FriXion PRO is meant to have a “more conventional look for business users.”

A Pilot rep said the changes are mainly cosmetic and that the PRO has the same performance as the original FriXion, although both now have 25 percent more “write-out distance.”

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Letter Writing Shouldn’t Vanish – It’s Good for Relationships (and Profit)

Hand Written Love Letter

How long has it been since you actually sat down and wrote a letter by hand? Months? Probably years? That’s how it is for most people, which is why letter writing seems to be in its last days.

We have so many other ways to communicate now: cell phones, email, IMs, text messages, Facebook, webcams, and cool new tools like Google Wave. UK cell phone subscribers sent nearly 80 billion text messages last year. Meanwhile, global email use is expected to spread to an estimated 3.2 billion people within a year.

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