3 Things Your Handwriting Can Say About You

If we put down our mobile or stop tapping the keyboard & pick up a pen & paper we could learn a thing or two about ourselves.

Handwriting is a reflection of who we are, it’s an activity that gives us a chance to express ourselves & can give others an idea of what makes us tick. Our handwriting is unique, not many of us get much snail mail these days, but I bet you’d know at a glance if a letter dropped through the door that was from grandma, your brother or best friend.

Handwritten Envelope


So, what does it mean if you have untidy messy even illegible handwriting? One theory is it suggests that how others perceive you doesn’t bother you too much. Then there’s the idea that it can indicate a jumbled mixed up mind.

The art of handwriting analysis or graphology is a skill, a science that can be studied. Through detailed analysis it can be used to help employers select a candidates suitability to a role, it can be used in conjunction with counselling & to identify children’s development. It’s hard to generalise handwriting samples, they need to be viewed like a picture as a whole, more than one sample needs to be taken at different times, this is why we can sometimes see that our own writing changes depending upon our mood.

Some folk unfortunate enough to suffer with depression report that their writing gets messy depending on their mood & they can revert to printing instead of cursive writing. Changes in handwriting can also be seen throughout the day, a wavy baseline with letters slanting forward could show emotions out of control.

Conditions like high blood pressure can be identified through handwriting analysis with sufferers applying varying pressures with text going from light to dark for instance. Its also thought that schizophrenics vary the slant of letters throughout a sentence & is an indication the author doesn’t have continual contact with reality.

There will no doubt be naysayers that think graphology is tosh, but if you have an open mind & want to see what your signature or how you dot your i’s or cross your t’s says about you there are plenty of places to start your search.

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