Andre The Giant Rollerball Pen

This year marked the 20th anniversary Andre the Giant’s passing. And what do you do to commemorate a giant of a man? Why, you make a giant of a rollerball pen, of course.

Think Pens has produced an Andre the Giant rollerball pen that is a whopping 8.5 inches long and nearly twice as big around as an ordinary pen. On the oversized clip, “Andre the Giant.”

(Those of you who are snickering by now, stop it.)

Andre Giant Rollerball Pen 2

Think only made 888 of the pens, which is good because too many of them in any one place could tip the whole planet out of balance. But the good news is that stores still have them in stock, and one could be yours for only US$295 plus shipping


I don’t know much about Think pens – their website is a Flash nightmare and about as helpful as antlers on a penguin – so I’m not sure what exactly thinking inspired them to make a pen in honor of Andre.


But, that does seem to be one of Think’s things, making expensive commemorative pens of deceased legends. They also have a John Wayne pen, a Bruce Lee Pen and a Johnny Cash pen.

Bruce Lee Pen
Bruce Lee Pen
Johnny Cash Pen
Johnny Cash Pen

Sadly, none of these seem to be available anymore. Doesn’t matter, though. None of them could measure up to the Giant.

By the way, if you don’t know Andre the Giant, he was a pro wrestler/entertainer/actor. Watch The Princess Bride. You can thank us later.

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