Artist Danny Quirk Uses Sharpies To Detail The Human Body

Here’s a fascinating story about an artist who uses the human body as his canvas to create works of anatomical art in Sharpie and acrylic paint.

Danny Quirk said the project grew out of his frustration at being rejected from medical illustration programs. So, he began to illustrate the bodies of friends in eerie bright detail, exposing musculature, bone and organs to open view.

According to the Huffington Post, the artist started out with a Halloween costume for his girlfriend, then moved on to other anatomical illustrations, including painting his own hand as means to promote his art in public.

Danny Quirk Girls Back

On his website, Danny Quirk wrote:

I painted this little ditty on my hand, and like a moth to a flame, people were drawn, attention was grasped, and heads turned like a medeival torture device. ha. The experiment was a success, and something I now do on occasion from time to time.

The painstaking illustrations take hours to create, with Quirk working mostly in Sharpie and latex and acrylics.

Danny Quirk Legs

Whether you find the illustrations mesmerizing or bizarre, they aren’t the oddest things people have ever done with Sharpies.

What do you think about this unique art form?

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