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Ever wondered how the desk gets so untidy when you spend most of your time staring at a computer? Me too, when it comes to having a clear up those creative souls or DIYer’s amongst us may choose to recycle old jars, unused mugs or make use of other objects around the house, with so many different pens & paint markers around you could always create a bespoke piece to cram into a dark idle corner.  Alternatively there’s always the local stationers, DIY or charity shop to visit.

This subject got me thinking about an old boss, renowned for having the tidiest desk in the office, these options would never have been given the time of day. If you like he is looking for something a little upmarket you may need look no further than Missing Digit Woodshop.

Missing Digit Woodshop desk tidy


A small family owned artisan company that in their words are “dedicated to creating interesting designs for the dicerning nutcase” have produced a desk tidy that will hold post it notes, a letter opener & styli along with your pens & pencils.
They offer natural wood & coloured options & the tidy stands at 18cm tall, that’s around 7 inches in old measurements.

If you fall into the DIY camp but are looking for a little inspiration you could always check out a few tutorials

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