edding 751 Paint Marker Fine Bullet Tip – Review

Paint markers can be used on many different surfaces, they come in a range of different tip sizes & could be likened to a stick of paint.

Edding 751 Marker Black 1

The edding 751 can be used on almost anything, including glass, plastic, metal & wood, these markers are:

  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Waterproof
  • Quick drying

Paint markers generally leave a heavier more opaque mark than inks & they stand out on dark surfaces. The edding 751 needed a good shake & several pumps on a hard surface to get it going the first time it was used. These paint markers have a specially regulated valve to ensure a steady flow & the pigment ink oozes through the bullet tip. The harmful health effects associated with some chemicals are limited as the edding 751 doesn’t have any added toluene & xylene that can lead to headaches, nausea & irritate the eyes & nose.

The 1-2mm bullet tip makes the 751 paint marker suitable for writing on storage boxes, decorating mirrors, glasses, cups, they are also used in the automotive industry. I’m sure that artists & crafters could think of far more projects than I can, but you get the idea. These edding paint markers are available in 14 colours, as well as the usual suspects black, blue & red there is a vibrant pink, violet, silver & gold. Available individually & in packs of 10, when the tips are past there best they can be replaced so you won’t be wasting any ink.

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