Fountain Pen Jewelry: Yes or No?

If you were of a mind to, you could find yourself quite a collection of fountain pen-related jewelry online.

Etsy has fountain pen nib necklaces and earrings, Cafe Press has necklaces with photos of fountain pens and even vintage fountain pen ads, and Amazon has flashy fountain pen nib cufflinks.

It’s a plethora of bling for pen geeks.

Browsing through all of it, I find myself wondering whether fountain pen jewelry is one of those things that is really neat in concept, but maybe not so much in reality.

I definitely can see the appeal in some of the more subtle pieces, such as this one that features a 1909 Waterman ad, or this pendant with a stylized drawing of a nib. They are accessible, and attractive, as a fashion accessory that helps communicate a bit about the wearer.

1909 Waterman Ad Pendant

I’m not so sure, though, about pieces made from pen parts, like a pair of earrings that are just fountain pen nibs, or a necklace with a fountain pen hanging from it.

Fountain Pen Earings

One thing I hear a lot from fountain pen lovers is how much the pen serves as a fashion accessory and attention grabber – which is pretty much the purpose of jewelry, too, right? So it seems like it would just be redundant to carry a fountain pen and wear fountain pen jewelry…overkill even for a serious pen fiend.

If you weren’t carrying your pen and wanted to accessorize with a little statement piece, then it might make sense to wear a necklace or bracelet or pair of earrings with fountain pen flavor. But does a fountain pen nib, or any other part, by itself have enough aesthetic appeal to serve as a piece of jewelry?

I know it’s mostly a matter of personal preference, but I want to hear what you guys think. Would any of you wear pieces like this?

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