Pelikan Take Over Manufacturing Porsche Pens & Pencils From Faber-Castell

Ever fancied owning a Porsche but haven’t got Porsche money? Well now you can. Well not the car actually but one of the stunning range of pens to which the renowned car manufacturer has brought its long history of stylish, sleek design.

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The company has been in the news recently when it was announced that Pelikan has taken over the production and sale of writing instruments as the new licensee for the Porsche Design Group.  Porsche has ended a long relationship with Faber-Castell and under a new agreement their writing tools will be produced in Germany, where Pelikan’s high quality writing tools have been made by hand for 37 years. To me this is a marriage made in heaven combining the fantastic design of Porsche to one of the world’s great pen manufacturers.

Within the terms of the license, concentration will be upon a range of 7 products and to mark the start of the partnership. Pelikan have produced the new P3105 Pure range comprising two exclusive writing tools. The P’3105 Pure Black fountain pen and the P’3105 Pure Titanium, limited to 200 pieces worldwide, are now available worldwide.

Porsche P3105 Pure Black Fountain Pen

For the Black pen, a dense PVD coating is the reason for the unbelievably dense black colour and the effect is set off by a sold steel clip. The pen is supplied with a paperweight, also with the matching PVD coating, in the shape of a Porsche 911.

If your tastes are a little more expensive, then the Pure Titanium version retailing at approximately £2500 and in a limited range of 200 is the one for you. The barrel of this pen is milled from a solid block of titanium a metal know for it corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. Both pens have a completely rhodium-plated 18ct gold nib. The caps of both fountain pens have an insert which guarantees that the pens will be ready to write immediately, while protecting them from drying out. These are also supplied with an innovative filling system. The integral converter can be replaced by either two standard ink cartridges or one large capacity cartridge.

Porsche P3140 Shake Pen Ballpoint Pen

Equally good looking and more in my price range, about £60, is the P’3140 Shake Pen ballpoint pen.A really stylish little number, the pen has an innovative mechanism where with a quick flick of the wrist or a shake, the tip will move in and out. I also like how compact it is being only 103mm long and the fact that the barrel is grooved rubber means it is great to handle, just like the cars!

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  1. I am a bit disappointed with the styling of the new Porsche pens.

    I love Pelikan pens and have quite a few. They all write beautifully and feel really well made. They are also works of art to look at.

    I was hoping that the Porsche pens would also look like works of art.

    However, I suspect that they will still be very fine writing instruments.


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