Pencil Legs Get Robot Walking

Mention robots & I think of Daleks & Star Wars but never in a million years would I think of trying to make one. If you on the other hand are interested in creating a bot of your own then 3D printing apparently makes it easy.

Robot with pencil Legs

So what does this have to do with writing instruments? Well I came across an interesting looking walkerbot with pencils for legs & I could just imagine it whizzing around creating its own form of abstract art work.

Instructables specialises in diy projects making almost anything, it’s a spin off of Squid Labs which was founded by 4 visionary engineers. Since starting out in 2006 the site has grown & now has over a thousand projects created by a community around the world, it’s a place to share creations.

This particular bot is the creation of Instructables designer Randy, the idea had been on his mind a few years but he found it tricky trying to use parts off the shelf. He explains that that once he found it could be done with 3D printing he was able to “create this robot in about two days”

If you’re looking for your next project, know a little bit about electronics & want instructions you can find them here.

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