Pilot Acroball Delux Ballpoint Pen Review

Snow is not something we see a lot of in these parts, thankfully. Call me a killjoy but I’m not a fan of the white stuff, unlike some who can’t wait to get outside building snowmen or jumping on the nearest toboggan. As I sat gazing outside on a cold winters day watching the flakes fall & hoping to find some inspiration for this Pilot Acroball Delux review oh how I wish I was a Pilot & could fly away to sunnier climes.

Pilot Acroball DL M Blue

Daydreaming over & back to the work in hand, lets take a closer look at this ballpoint laying motionless in my grip. Whilst this pen is a ballpoint it has what Pilot call advanced oil based ink, from what I gather its a modern take on paste ink traditionally used in ballpoints, which generally speaking needs more pressure placed when writing.

The medium 1.0mm ball will write a 0.32mm line that is resistant to water, light & bleach amongst other things, making it handy should any unscrupulous fraudsters be on the prowl.

The rubberised grip section has several rows of lines that to me resemble a herringbone pattern, or the tread on a tyre. This is joined to the plastic gunmetal grey metallic finished barrel with a black ring with two indented sections. Can’t see they have a particular use, other than to enhance the appearance, if anyone knows otherwise I’d be interested to know. This Pilot Acroball delux is retractable, a personal preference, however I realise that I’m in the habit of constantly clicking the button which is no doubt an annoyance to those around me!

The strong metal clip & metallic silver barrel defines the difference between this deluxe model & the standard Acroball. The clip is sturdy & looks like it should hold up to the constant clipping on & off my notepad.

The Pilot Acroball is available in black, blue & red, & when it’s run its course a BRFV10m refill will come to the rescue should you be smitten, if not the price is reasonable enough for you to just move on & try something else.

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