Review: Artline Drawing System

Whether used by artists or draftsmen, the Artline Drawing System is all about precision, and that shows in every aspect of these fine markers.

There are no frills in this drawing pen: The barrel and cap are slim and straight, without contours for comfort or decorative flourishes, and the point width and ink colour are clearly indicated in large type on both to, as the company puts it, “assist with orderliness and convenience.”

Artline drawing system set

The construction of the pens is solid, everything fitting tightly together, including the cap, which snaps firmly into place to prevent drying of the resin tip. The writing tip is protected by a metal collar so the pen can be used with a ruler without causing damage.

Drawing with the 0.1 to 0.8 mm tips is a relatively smooth affair, suitable for either quick sketching or precise lining. The ink colour is solid, although not as bold as it might be, and does not bleed or feather. While making my artistically challenged drawing, I noticed no skipping or other performance issues.

The ink contains no Xylene or acid and is water-resistant and fade proof, according to Artline. The ink seems to dry fairly fast, so there’s not much problem with smearing. They’re available in black, red and blue.

The main knock against the pens in the Artline Drawing System is the length of the pens. They’re too short for comfortable use, and they either aren’t designed to be used with the cap posted, or a design flaw prevents the cap from fitting on the end of the pen very well.

Other than that, this is a handy set of pens to have around.

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