Pen Review: Pentel EnerGel-X

Pentel Energel X Gel Pen

Today I am reviewing the latest Energel pen from Pentel the Pentel X Gel Pen.

This new pen, the EnerGel-X retractable, is the pen that Pentel is putting up head-to-head against the Pilot G2. To celebrate the launch, the company has rolled out a huge promotional wave – everything from giving away a car to hosting a special VIP lounge at Lollapalooze earlier this month.

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Review: Artline Calligraphy Pen

Artline Calligraphy Pen

Want to add extra panache to your writing on invitations, posters, school projects, or scrapbooks?

You might try the Artline Calligraphy Pen.

As you can see from the writing sample, there’s no guarantee that it will turn your handwriting into a work of art. But the polyester fiber tip, cut so that letters wax and wane as the pen moves, will help give your words flourish without requiring the use of a fountain pen.

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Pen vs. Pen: Pentel EnerGel and Pentel EnerGel Deluxe

Pentel BL27 Vs Pentel BL57

In the argument over the best gel ink pens, the Pilot G2 and the Uni Jetstream usually get the most attention. But there’s an overlooked contender that, in our opinion, could beat them both for writing quality and comfort.

That’s the Pentel EnerGel With the much loved Pentel Energel BL60 sadly no longer available in the EnerGel family, there are two versions that compete for the best of the best.

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Pilot RexGrip: The Underrated Ballpoint Pen

Pilot Rexgrip BP M Black

The Pilot RexGrip is one of those pens that just doesn’t get a lot of mention. Probably because it’s a ballpoint and most pen enthusiasts are strictly gel, liquid ink, or fountain pen users. But that’s unfortunate since the RexGrip is an extremely comfortable and surprisingly reliable little pen.

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