Uni-ball Fanthom Erasable Pen 0.7mm Tip – Review

There are several erasable pens on the market. They are not something I have had cause to use often, preferring to use a pencil if I think I may need to erase my writing. However, I have the opportunity to review a Uni-ball Fanthom Erasable Pen, let’s see how I get on.

Uni Ball Fanthom BP Black

These rollerballs have heat sensitive liquid ink which turns clear as heat is applied. This means your errors can be erased by using the cap. I found this a little confusing to start with expecting to find the eraser under the cap, but at least you can leave the pen posted.

As for the writing experience, the 0.7mm tip moved smoothly across the page leaving a line of royal blue text, they are also available in black, red, green, violet & pink & are refillable.

I am a fan of rubberised grip sections, unfortunately the Fanthom doesn’t have one. This grip has 2 panels with a series of very slight impressions that I hardly know were there, hence they provided no comfort & couldn’t be called anti-slip by any stretch of the imagination.

Last but not least was the erasability test. I assumed the best results would be from fresh ink but had the same result with text written 15 minutes before. It took quite a workout to remove a sentence, one or two words would be doable but any more I’d be more inclined to bin the page & start again!

When it came to re-writing I realised the surface of the paper must have been removed during my exerted efforts erasing as the ink slipped a little & when viewed closely it looked different somehow.

This exercise hasn’t changed my opinion, I’ll still use a pencil if there’s the slightest possibility I’ll need to erase. Maybe there is a need amongst students writing essays or taking exams, or maybe I’m just too old to appreciate the novelty factor.

If you are looking for an erasable pen or would like to know more about them then why not check out our Complete Guide Guide to Erasable Pens.

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