Staedtler Graphite 762 Mechanical Pencil – Review

The way I see it, the choice between mechanical or wooden pencils is purely personal. Some may argue that the former is more eco-friendly due to its re-usability factor, but its ultimate resting place will be a landfill. With regards to the wooden type, what about the sacrifice that trees make to their production?

Staedtler Graphite 762 Pencil 05mm Blue

One of the oldest pencil companies is the Staedtler Graphite 762 Mechanical Pencil; as this is not something you can try before you buy, here is a list of its features.

  • Rubbery grip section – for nonslip writing experience
  • PVC & Latex-free refillable eraser – stored underneath the cap for safekeeping
  • Push-button lead advance – conveniently positioned on the side for ease of use
  • Approximately 15cm long
  • Supplied with B grade 0.5mm lead
  • Available with blue, green, or red barrels

I found the lightweight plastic barrel comfortable to hold & the soft grip section kept my fingers securely in place despite it being a sweltering & sticky day. The fine 0.5mm lead did allow me to pare down my large writing, so it would lend itself nicely to use in small spaces or the nooks & crannies of those pocket diaries, should the need arise. I didn’t find the clip exceptionally sturdy, but nevertheless, it is fit for purpose. The eraser was excellent, removing text in one fell swoop.

There will always be a place for pens & pencils no matter how many computerized systems are invented. There will still be a need for draughtsman (known as drafters in the US) working alongside CAD systems & I can’t see a machine competing with the likes of Monet or Van Gogh, not in my lifetime anyway.

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