The Uni-ball Clipturn Multi-Function Pen – The Swiss Army Knife of Pens

We at the Pen Vibe blog are hanging our heads in shame. In the article about how to keep from losing your pen, we neglected to tell you about the Uni-ball MSE-800 Clipturn, one of our absolute favourite pens.

But that’s OK, because the Clipturn deserves its own space. This pen is that brilliant.


Uni MSE 800 Clipturn

To begin with, it’s one good-looking pen. It boasts a silver-and-black barrel that manages to be both chunky and sleek at the same time. The clip is thick and functional, but the rounded edges, sloping design and red retainer give it some appeal, saving it from appearing bulky or awkward.

The pen itself is a 3-in-1 that offers both red and black ballpoint pens and a .5mm mechanical pencil. To switch them, just turn the barrel. There’s an eraser under the pen’s cap.

Writing with the pen isn’t as smooth as, say, a gel pen, but it does write perfectly well.

A reviewer on dooyoo wrote this about the Clipturn:

The black and red ballpoints give a pleasingly smooth line, quite thin and precise, with no gaps or faded areas. I have been able to take this pen into exams with confidence, knowing that I won’t need a backpack of back-ups, because so far I have never experienced a discontinuous line!

What makes this such a great pen for people who tend to lose them is that it has a loop for attaching to a lanyard and the clip turns 360 degrees so that you can snap it onto just about anything, from a pocket to a clipboard. You will never have to lay your pen down again.

You can see some graphics of the pen in “action” at Uni-ball’s Japanese website here. (We wish they would put the same level of details about their pens on the UK site.) Editors note video no longer available but you can see it in action in the following video.

Blogger McPagal also had a great experience with Uni-ball UK last year when her beloved Clipturn broke. She emailed the company and soon received a replacement and some refills. As of this spring, the pen was still going strong.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go prowl the office for unsecured Clipturns.

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  1. How do I change a refill on my uni clipturn ,I have separated it but do you pull thr empty pen out out as it seems to be on a spring and I do not want to break iy

  2. i suffer from complex regional pain syndrome which causes pain and touch sensitivity in my hand and the clipturn pen is the most comfortable one i have found


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