Uni-Ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Ink Pen Review

I’ve never been one to partake in creative pursuits like arts & crafts. Preparing to write a review on the Uni-ball Signo Broad Metallic Gel Ink Pen I collected from Tiger Pens, I breathed a sigh of relief as luckily, Mitsubishi the makers say they also add a personal touch to greetings cards. The only time I think of using a metallic pen is when I have a birthday or christmas card with one of those dark coloured envelopes to write on.

Uniball UM 153 Broad Blue

The UM-153 is a rollerball with a 1.0mm point that leaves a broad 0.65mm line in its wake.  The pigment ink is resistant to water & fading its available in gold silver & white.  The ink in these pens contains small particles that is not completely dissolved in the fluid carrier unlike dye ink where the ink melts in the water. When pigment ink is exposed to the air & light the colour remains intense for longer because only the surface is affected, beads of the ink sink into the paper itself keeping the colour vibrant.


The acrylic barrel has a deep shiny chrome coloured nib housing, there is a small translucent section which is met by in this case a matt beige/gold rubberised grip section.  The logo is displayed on a black band just above the centre, move down the barrel & the metallic gold ink level is visible.  There is quite a lot of text printed on the Signo Broad barrel, including the bar code, I prefer those stickers that you can peel of.  Although as with most negatives I suppose this could be a positive should you choose to order another, it would serve as a permanent reminder of the details.  The translucent cap fits snugly & has a relatively large pocket clip that should hold its place on a large scrap book or art pad.


Whilst this Signo UM-153 broad tip suits my larger writing well, I did find that it took some time for the ink to dry.  After writing a note in a thank you card I found myself blowing on the page frantically as I had visions of the recipient opening it & struggling to decipher the message.

I loved the colour of the smooth gold ink which proved to be skip free & left a clear bold line of text on my page.

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  1. My dad and his father have a habit of collecting the pens.As am planning to gift my father for his upcoming Birthday a pen with a dairy, I think Uni- Ball Signo can make my gift complete.


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