Uni-ball UK Launch the New Uni-ball Fanthom Erasable Pen

Mistakes can easily be erased having put pen to paper thanks to an exciting new writing instrument launched by leading stationery brand uni-ball.

By using the cap on the Fanthom rollerball pen to rub out handwritten notes the need for messy correction fluid and tape has come to an end. A result that also gives more space in the pencil case and office desk drawer.

Uni Ball Fanthom BP Black

Available in six colours, the Fanthom delivers a smooth medium line that bonds to the paper even when the original text has been erased.

Stuart Barker, marketing manager at uni-ball, said: “The Uni-ball Fanthom produces truly magical results by making notes disappear before your very eyes. We have achieved this by creating a special ink that that disappears at a constant temperature.

The pen is the latest addition to our innovative portfolio and is sure to be a hit with the crossword enthusiast, teenagers and children who are looking for a stand-out item to include in their pencil case.”

Available from June, the Fanthom will be sold loose and in a variety of single, twin and ripple pack formats.

If you are looking for an erasable pen or would like to know more about them then why not check out our Complete Guide Guide to Erasable Pens.

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