Uni PNA-125 Super Ink Marker Review

Marker pens can have a multitude of uses, making an impression on glass or fabric, from CD’s to arts & crafts, whatever surface you need to write on the Uni PNA-125 Super Ink Marker has the flexibility to meet most needs.

Uni PNA 125 Marker Black

This permanent marker has a fine bullet style tip that leaves behind a 0.9mm line. Unlike Sidney Rosenthal’s invention, the Magic Marker, which was a glass bottle containing & felt wick. This Uni Marker uses Uni-ball’s Super Ink, a black oil based pigment ink that is apparently permanent once dried. Super Ink is known to be popular with those in the business of preventing fraudsters plying their trade. One favoured use is the writing of cheques. It has to be said for many, this has become a somewhat out dated mode for transferring cash.  That didn’t stop the moves to try to scrap scrap them in the UK meeting resistance, which just goes to show that its not quite as dead as a dodo yet.  We are assured that until an acceptable alternative is developed the cheque book will be around for the foreseeable future.

The Uni Super Ink works by adhering to the cellulose in the paper or surface, effectively locking it in making it an archival quality that is also resistant to water & fading.  I recently had cause to mark some clothing, giving me the opportunity to put the PNA-125 to the test.  Four washes on the ink was still visible although it had faded quite considerably however, the smooth flowing ink had it covered again in no time.

The PNA-125 also proved very effective writing on a grey plastic bag that I used to cover a parcel, the address could be seen clearly with not a smudge in sight.  Another positive was the way that the cap snapped on with a sharp click gripping the barrel so well that it gives the impression it will last.

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