USUS i Ballpoint Pen Review

My first impression of the USUS i is that it is unique.  What makes this pen different is the SupraSpin® magnetic system that covers the ballpoint.  This hi-tec innovation which holds the pen together takes away the need for any loose parts or springs.

Usus Aluminium Blue Ballpoint Pen


Usus are a relatively young company that started out in 2003.  With offices overlooking the river Spree, they state the stunning view inspires & provides a relaxed working atmosphere.  Looking at the photo on their website I can’t imagine anybody arguing with that!

All of the designs incorporate the magnet invention & are made in Berlin.  The pen I have chosen to review states on the packaging it is purple although I would call it pink, maybe just something lost in translation, they are also available in crystal, arctic, which is a light turquoise/blue, orange, red & blue.

Usus I Purple

Made from synthetic resin, the barrels are transparent.  When you want to cover the nib, which will in effect close or retract the pen, just twist the centre in any direction, this will leave a couple of gaps exposing the ballpoint ink housing.  When you want to write just twist again let all of the magnets join & off you go.


The USUS i is much cheaper than earlier designs.  You can still enjoy the novelty factor, along with the high design standards of this revolutionary pen, at about a third of the price of the io, which is made from aircraft aluminium.  Should you want to use these pens to promote your business they can be engraved or imprinted with a company name or logo, and they all come with a 2 year guarantee.

Now on to the performance, the best way I can describe the writing experience was tense.  I found that the lack of a cover on the pen made me subconsciously grip the pen tight, when I tried to correct this it didn’t feel secure so I clasped it even harder.  When holding the USUS i it did feel firm, not at all flimsy.  I can only put the negative experience, which is of course just my opinion, down to a combination of the pen being shorter than I’m used to, & not having any sort of grip.  Not being able to post the cap meant that it measured just 120mm as opposed to an average 140mm of many other pens.

I am sure that there will be people that will love the design.  To fans of gadgets & those looking for something different they will no doubt appeal.  For me, whilst I love its appearance & I found myself twisting & turning the barrel continuously enjoying the click of the magnets (sad but true) from a writing perspective definitely not the best thing since sliced bread.

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