What Kind of Pen Does Stephen Colbert Use? We Know

Apparently, there’s some question about what kind of pen mock conservative Stephen Colbert uses on his Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report.

Speculation on an older pen blog post and earlier this year on the show’s message board was that he uses the Uni-ball Signo Premier 207, or maybe a blue Pilot Dr. Grip. Those both are good guesses, especially the Signo, because the pen he normally waves around during the show looks very much like the popular Uni-ball model.

Stephen Colbert Pen

But, Colbert’s pen lights up blue when he clicks it, which neither the Signo nor the Dr. Grip is capable of doing.

So, being the curious types that we are, we decided to go straight to the source and ask. Or, at least straight to the source’s people.

And Renata Luczak, director of corporate communications at Comedy Central, came through for us. According to her:

The pen that Stephen Colbert uses is the……Bristol Light Pen SM 4618!

Bristol Light Pen

The Bristol is a promotional pen line manufactured by Bullet Line and distributed by a network of vendors in the States and Canada. It’s one of those pens you can order by the hundreds silk-screened or laser engraved with your business logo.

In this case, of course, the pens display the logo of The Colbert Report.

According to Bullet Line, the pens feature:

  • Swiss nib
  • German ink cartridge
  • Plunger activated LED light
  • Frosted rubber grip
  • Lacquer coated nickel plated brass

If you’re a die-hard Colbert fan, you could probably buy your own Bristol Light Pen with personalised logo for about £2.5. Of course, you have to order at least 150 at a time.

But you have to admit, it would be sort of brilliant to have your own set of pens engraved with “Member of the Colbert Nation.”

Meanwhile, over on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart is still using a plain old Bic Round Stic. C’mon Stewart, get some style!

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