Whoo Hooo – Free Bic Atlantis Pens!

Pens are good, and free pens are even better.

So, if you’d like a chance to get a free Bic Atlantis Stic, you might want to go over to the Bic Facebook page.

Bic Atlantis Stick BP1 2 Blue

Starting today, Bic is giving away 130 free Atlantis pens an hour, 10 hours a day for the next month.

All you have to do is visit the Bic Cork Board on Facebook every hour on the hour and enter your name and contact info for a chance to win.

The first 130 entries get a pen. You can only win one per email address. Unfortunately, the giveaway is limited to the U.S.

Granted, the Atlantis is not a spectacular pen. It’s a simple ballpoint, with the less-than-silky writing experience and washed out ink colors that that entails. However, it gets good marks for a comfortable design and solid construction.

As one reviewer puts it, “Great for casual writing but pen junkies might turn their noses up…”

But you can’t beat free, right?

Oh, and speaking of free, Uniball is also currently running a promotion on its Facebook page. No free pens, but if you enter codes found in packs of Uniball products, you can win clothing, Starbucks coffee and other items.

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