25 Year Old Uniball Still Works

Are you one of those people who get excited when you manage to keep the same pen for six months without losing it?

Then how about this: A stationers in London recently discovered a Uniball pen that had been tucked away for 25 years – and it still works.

The UB100 is a basic stick pen with a blue plastic barrel. It was launched by Mitsubishi Pencil Co. in 1979, the first rollerball pen to use a metal tip at the time, thus earning the name “uni-ball.”

Uniball UB 100 Pen

In 1986, Barbican Stationers (that’s an office supplies store for our American readers) opened in London, and one of the items the store carried was the UB100. Apparently one of the pens got tucked away and forgotten.

The store turned 25 this year, and the owners made plans for some remodeling.

“My wife found the pen when moving some old furniture,” owner Devidas Kachhla told Uniball. “We were amazed to discover that not only did it still work, but that it writes as well as it did 25 years ago.

“We have stocked Uniball pens for many years and our customers often make repeat purchases because they love the ink flow and quick drying abilities.”

25 year old Pen strill works
(left to right) Peter Russell, branch manager and Mr. Devidas Kachhla company director at Barbican Stationers with a 25 year old UB-100 pen.

Of course, the stationers let Uniball know about the find.

Stuart Barker, marketing manager at Mitsubishi Pencil Co., said : “I would like to congratulate the store on its 25th anniversary. We were thrilled to hear about Mrs. Kachhla’s discovery. This pen is no longer in production yet still proves to be the perfect handwriting tool.”

Don’t know about you guys, but this makes me want to squirrel away a few of my favourite pens to see how long they’ll last.

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