Zebra Expandz Ballpoint Pens Available in Three Splendid New Barrel Colours

I am a big fan of Zebra pens they are of the high quality that you would expect from a Japanese manufacturer and among their range are some quite unique pens that are very practical.

One such pen is the highly popular Zebra Expandz ballpoint pen with an expandable and retractable barrel which is only 103mm in length when closed and 133mm when the barrel is expanded.

Zebra Expandz ballpoint pens were previously available in 11 different barrel colours which included a black and white zebra stripe pattern.  They have now added three splendid new barrel colours to the Expandz ballpoint pen range.

Zebra Expandz Black

The original matt black barrel has been replaced by a high gloss black and there is also a new high gloss red finish.

Zebra Expandz Red

But the one that catches the eye is the new pink & black zebra stripe pattern which is definitely one for the ladies.

Zebra Expandz Pink Black


So if you are looking for a present that is a little different for the lady in your life the new Zebra Expandz pink & black stripe won’t break the bank.

When we first got the pink & black stripe it caused quite a stir among the female staff over here.

If you already own a Zebra Expandz ballpoint pen or have any views on the new barrel colours It would be great to hear what you think of them.

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  1. every body remarks about my zebra expandz pen,saying “this must be an expensive pen,what a nice writer”,my red one is the best looking


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