Zebra Fortia 500 Ballpoint Pen Review

I’ve just heard the news that Zebra pens are taking part in the Ideal Home Show this year. Now of course I’m not privy to info on what they will be taking with them by way of product lines, but with Christmas approaching they sure are likely to have some gift ideas on show.

Zebra Fortia 500 BP Blue

Talking of gifts, the Zebra Fortia 500 is a pen with a slender slick barrel that I’d be happy to add to my wish list. This metal ballpoint pen is retractable, simply twist the slimline metal barrel & fine 0.7mm tip is revealed. Supplied with black ink the Fortia pens are available in a range of 5 bold & yet classic barrel colours, they can be refilled with 4C refills in blue or red should you prefer.

Apparently the word fortia can be translated to mean strength or power. This pen although light & slim with a diameter of just 7.5mm & weighing in at 8g certainly does given the impression it will be durable & hard wearing, even if left to its own devices rattling around in a handbag or briefcase.

The nib housing, end cap & clip have a shiny chrome finish that contrasts well with the black, blue, maroon, silver or green barrels.

I make no secret of the fact that ballpoints are not my first choice of pen. However, I’m a firm believer that everything has a place & my writing experience proved it was perfectly adequate for note taking or journal entries. Should I want to write a ream of minutes I’d probably be more inclined to go for a pen with a soft rubber grip. The lack of the latter meant my tight grip left me tired more quickly than I’m used to.

All in all to my mind the Zebra Fortia is a sophisticated pen that would be well suited alongside a stylish filofax or journal. Oh I almost forgot to mention it comes in a smart black gift box.

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