Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.2 Review

Before I started this review I wondered how on earth I could do justice to a pen that I associate primarily with arts & crafts or technical drawing.

It appears however that folk do like to write with Staedtler Pigment Liner pens. In my experience some people tend to have a favourite type of pen. I know several that use the same pen day in & day out. Personally I’m more fickle than that & pick up something different each time I write. That said I’ve been known to put a pen down in favour of something more comfortable.

Staedtler Pigment liner 02

The Staedtler Pigment Liner currently in use has a 0.2mm needle tip, this long metal nib would be useful if I had a template or stencil to use. These fineliners are available in a range of different sizes from 0.1 to 0.8mm, all have black ink.

Many fineliners have dye based ink, this Staedtler has indelible pigment ink which is lightfast as well as being waterproof. The pen itself is pretty lightweight, to hold that is, the barrel is a mid grey with white text. The cap posts neatly on the end when in use & sports a flexible clip.

Auto pressure equalisation makes this pen airplane safe & should you travel long haul & forget to cap it, if Staedtlers claims are anything to go by you should still be able to sign your name when you check in at the hotel up to 18 hours later.

In conclusion, when I look at some of the art work that others have produced with these pens, I stand by my initial thoughts & don’t think writing does them justice, just my opinion though.

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2 thoughts on “Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.2 Review”

  1. @Mathubex

    These pens work best on smooth paper (made for markers and stuff that requires the nibs to remain in good condition) vs grainy paper (made for pencils and such, which work best on paper that picks up graphite aka wears the nib of the tool the most). Try to also use a lighter touch.

    Hope it helps! ^_^

  2. Hi, I have started using these pens and it’s been a while now, but something I’ve come across is that the tip of the pen can wear out. I’ve worn out two of my pens now. The 0.1 pen wore out quickly as I use it more, up until it all wears off to the metal tip. I haven’t even used up half of its ink yet and it seems like such a waste. I don’t know if there’s a solution for it or if there’s something that can be done, but i don’t seem to find anything to do with anything of that sort. I’m hoping you have an answer that can help me. But all in all, it’s an awesome pen and it does stand up to it’s reputation (in all else, save for my nib problem). Thanks.


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