Coveting The 3M Post-It Flag Pen

So, apparently I have been living under a rock because I’ve just discovered the Post-It Flag Pen.

Doing some reading the other day on the pros and cons of highlighting, I stumbled across a mention of this pen and immediately had to find out more about it. That’s when I realized the rest of the world has known about these for a few years now.


Post It Flag Pen
Post It Flag Pen

In case there is anyone else who has also missed them, the Post-It Flag Pens are exactly what they sound like: Ballpoint ink pens with a built-in dispenser for those little Post-It flags that people use to mark important spots in books and files.

I’ve never actually been a Post-It user flag, but this pen fascinates me. One, it’s a novelty, and I love those. Two, as I mentioned in another post, I’m a big fan of highlighting, but have never used flags. Regular reader Millicent recommended the tiny little adhesive flags as a better alternative, so I want to check them out.

Now, the pens themselves haven’t gotten the best reviews from pen bloggers I trust. Brad at the Pen Addict and Heather at A Penchant for Paper have both tried them out and came to similar conclusions: The ballpoint is not an outstanding writer and the overall pen is too light and not well-balanced.

But…flags!!! And Oprah loves them!!! And so does Angelina at Does This Pen Write?

The next time I’m within shouting distance of a Wal-Mart or office supply store, you can bet I’m going to run in and pick up some of these pens.

Meanwhile, I know some of you pen peeps have been using them for a while. Speak up and let me know what you think of the Post-It Flag pens, please.

(Oh, and in case you have one and don’t know how to refill it, the guy in this video explains…sort of..eventually.)

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