6 Sexy Budget Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens are sort of the Plain Janes of the pen world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a ballpoint with some panache. And you don’t have to spend a fortune doing it.

Check out these stylish ballpoint pens that all sell for less than £15.

Muji Aluminium Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen

Muji Aluminium Hexagonal Pen

Muji Aluminum Hexagonal – A smooth writer, as Muji pens typically are, saved from being ordinary by the hexagonal shape of the slim barrel. The design gives it a slightly industrial look, without being out of place in a classroom or boardroom. Refillable, 0.7 mm point.

Ohto Slim Line Needle Tip Ballpoint Pen

Ohto Slimline BP Black

Ohto Slim Line Needle Tip – One of the sleekest pens on the market, this brass-and-aluminum ballpoint pen weighs a mere 8 grams and has a diameter of just 6 cm. With a 0.3 mm writing tip, this is a pen for those who want to project precision in all things. Available with black ink.

Pentel Sterling Excel Ballpoint Pen

Pentel Stereling Excel Ballpoint Pen

Pentel Sterling Excel – This is a relatively new offering from Pentel, a metal-barrel twist ballpoint pen with three choices of barrel finish (black lacquer, ivory and silver). An engraved band around the barrel adds an extra touch of class to the refillable 0.7 mm pens, which write as smooth as ballpoints get.

Zebra F701 Ballpoint Pen

Zebra F701 Black

Zebra F701 – Zebra ballpoint pens are exceptionally smooth writers and the F701 is no exception. The difference between this and other Zebra ballpoints is the sexy all-steel design “from tip to clip,” as Zebra puts it. The overall appearance says ‘polished and professional’ while the knurled grip adds a little texture to keep the barrel from being too smooth. Black ink, 0.7 mm tip.

Pilot MR Ballpoint Pen

Pilot MR BP Black

Pilot MR – A ballpoint pen with gravitas. The cigar-shaped MR has more heft than most of the other ballpoints on the list – nearly 4x the weight of the Slim Line – and one of the simplest designs. Together, they give the twist-open ballpoint a sense of executive importance that makes it a great pen for business. Available in black, gold and silver. Can be refilled with black or blue ink, 1.0 mm tip.

Tombow Airpress Ballpoint Pen

Tombow Airpress Ballpoint Pen

Tom AirPress – This rugged rubber-body pen might seem a little out of place on the list, but we think it certainly qualifies as sexy. The flat-headed plunger, wire clip and dagger-like barrel all mark this as a pen ready for some serious action. Add in the pressurization system that ensures the pen will write in wet, dirty conditions, extreme temperatures and upside down, and you have a ballpoint that can go anywhere, do anything…and still look good doing it.  (Not to mention, the clear version looks like something out of a Terminator movie, which is very cool.) Refillable, 0.7 mm tip.

So, what do you think? Any of these budget ballpoints catch your eye? Or, do you know of some other sexy ballpoint pens that you’d rather carry?

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  1. Hi Yuvrina nearly all our contests are open for anyone to enter no matter where in the world you live -:)

    It is quite rare for us to have a UK only competition and we would try to make it quite clear that it was UK only.

  2. I was interested to read your thoughts on the Zebra LX and Flight as a few weeks ago I was using the Zebra Flight because they were a new line for us, and last week the Zebra rep was here and left me a Z-Mulsion LX to try.

    They will be available in the UK later in the year. I agree that the Flight is an excellent writer but I do prefer the weight and feel of the LX.

  3. Just got the apparently new ‘high end of the line” Zebra ZMulsion LX…an all metal version of the ZMulsion EX line that’s being sold at Staples and similar places. It’s emulsion ink similar to Uniball Jetstream, with a 1.0 mm point. Not as smooth as Jetstream, imho. Got it from Amazon in US after a bit of a wait. Cost $ 7-8; same ink cartridge as cheaper ZMulsions, but nice heft. It has a “rubberized” grip but it’s not soft at all (which I dislike). Still, a nice write. Wish the Zebra Flight refills, which are somehow different hybrid ink (a LOT smoother) fit in the barrel because IT has the perfect write for me (1.2mm ball, smoother ink). But the Flight refill is a bit smaller in diameter…still two nice alternatives. Maybe the Flight will come out in a nicer barrel soon.


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