Anyone Familiar With Reynolds Racer Gel Pens?

Saw this commercial on YouTube for the “waterproof” Reynolds Racer Gel pen.

Had never heard of them, although the Reynolds company apparently started in France. Now, they seem to seem to be mainly in the Asian market,

I have found their official website and although there is not much to go on there or where you can actually buy the pens.

Reynolds Racer Gel Pens

I’m curious exactly how waterproof their gel pens are, given that most are ‘water-resistant’ but will still smear if they get damp.

If you have any experience with Reynolds Gel Racers or Reynolds pens in general, let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Anyone Familiar With Reynolds Racer Gel Pens?”

  1. I’m an ardent user of racer gel and love it very much. I live abroad where this pen isn’t locally available hence I buy in bulk from India where it’s available. It’s a very economical pen.
    However some complaints are, sometimes the refills don’t open well and squirt ink all over, and it generally gets over faster than some other competitors gel pens I’ve used. However I’ve gotten really used to this and I feel the racer gel is pretty great for school use

  2. I have a few Reynolds fountain pens that I got on closeout at a local office supply store a few years ago. They weren’t very expensive and they write well, but I’ve never seen there like again at local pen stores….


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