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In the mood to procrastinate a little…or a lot? Try browsing the Pinterest pages of some of your favorite ink pen makers.

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Copic Markers – Stuffed full of content, including lots of tutorials and drawing techniques using Copics, examples of Copic art and suggestions for projects.

Lamy Pens – This one is straight Lamy pen porn, with 170 photos of the various pens in the Lamy range, like the Safari, Pico and Al-Star, all in high def.

Ohto Pens – One of the weakest pen company Pinterest pages. A few random shots of Ohto pens and miscellaneous office supplies, and one odd pin of someone’s ultra-modern laundry room.

Pentel Pens – While this one doesn’t have a ton of content, it’s one of my favorites because the content it does have is pretty cool. Lots of examples of artwork created with Pentel products, including an awesome drawing of Batman. Also a few photos of Pentel pens and a section looking inside other people’s journals.

Pilot Pens – Another one chock full of great pen stuff, mostly photos of pens, handwriting and other things that people do with pens. Also, a series of photos from New York Fashion Week showing celebs using Pilot pens. I recognized Tamara Tunie from Law & Order: SVU and Bill Brochtrup from NYPD Blue. And, in the ‘My Favorite Pens’ section, there were photos from Azizah at Gourmet Pens!

Rotring Pens – Stocked mostly with Rotring pen porn, and some Rotring artwork. Look for the dancing turkey in red thigh-high stockings.

Sharpie – Hands-down the busiest Pinterest page of the bunch, with more than 500 items pinned. You’ve got everything from Sharpie product porn to DIY Sharpie projects to sports cars painted with permanent marker. My favorite was the section on shoes that had been customized with Sharpie.

Stabilo Pens – This page is mostly advertising photos showing Stabilo pens in various settings like classrooms, the office, etc. However, there is also a neat collection of photos of Stabilo pens in travels around the world, everywhere from Disney World to the Roman Colosseum. The section with Stabilo pens as fashion accessories is kind of cheesy, though.

Staedtler Mars – You might find this one a little ‘meh.’ But you might enjoy the entries from the kids’ coloring contest. And the photo of the giant Staedtler pencil sculpture from New Zealand is pretty neat.

Tombow Pens – Not much in the way of pens, but absolutely loaded with content for crafters. Pages and pages of examples of craft projects, some videos on using Tombow pens in crafting and random photos of interesting designer items. Martha Stewart would be right at home here.

There are probably plenty of Pinterest pages we missed, but those should keep you busy. And if your bosses catches you slacking off…don’t rat us out.

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