6 More Awesome Novelty Pens

Readers, you know we’re always on the look-out for great novelty pens to share with you, and we’ve found some more that are worth seeing. As usual with novelties, the focus here is more on fun than functionality. Still, a few of these seem like they might actually be useful in certain circumstances.

Take a look.


Scroll Pen

No need to carry a notebook when you have this pen with you.

It looks like an upscale ballpoint pen with a smooth metallic finish. But, it also contains a scroll of paper in the upper barrel that you can pull out for note-taking as needed. The upper and lower portions of the pen separate so that you can use the writing end on the paper.

When you’re done with the paper, it rolls right back inside the pen for later reference.

Both the ballpoint portion and the scroll are refillable.


Shredder Pen With LED Light

This pen doesn’t generate paper – it destroys it.

There is a shredder opening in the middle of the barrel which accepts strips of paper about 1 ½ inches wide. Slide the paper in, turn the handle, and the paper comes out the other side in shreds. Would be cooler if it wasn’t manual, but still.

In addition to the shredder and the ink cartridge, the pen also has a bright LED also.



Sand Timer Pen

Ever been stuck in a meeting where you could just feel the minutes of your life being drained away?

Now you can watch it happen with this sleek white retractable ballpoint pen that has a little hourglass in the barrel. The hourglass has bright blue sand in it…turn the pen, and it slowly begins to pour into the other end.

Could get depressing, but since the sand flows both ways, maybe you could pretend you’re reversing time.


Rubiks Pen

Never write drunken notes again with this pen.

It’s the Rubik’s Cube version of a ballpoint pen. The cap comes in three colored pieces that rotate independently like the sections of the cube. You have to match them up before you can remove the cap and use the pen.

Good for idle hands…or for keeping office mates from taking your pen.


Pez Candy Pen

It’s an ink pen that gives you Pez candies. And it has Tweety Bird on it. ‘Nuff said.


Stewie Talking Pen

OK, we were really looking for the Napoleon Dynamite talking pen, but apparently there was an uproar over some of the rude things he said, so the pen seems to have been discontinued.

But Stewie is cool, too.

As you can see, there is little information about the ink pen portion. Presumably, it is an unremarkable ballpoint. The important part, though, is the animated voice of the evil-ish toddler with a talent for talking smack.

You gotta love a pen that says, “You will bow to me!” at the push of a button.

That’s it for now, but you can bet we’ll be looking for more. If you spot any nifty novelty pens we should know about, please shoot us an email with the link.

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