6 Novelty Pens So Awesome They Don’t Even Need To Write

Pens are like people…different talents, different personalities, different contributions to the overall. Some of them are like class clowns, maybe not particularly helpful, but you still love having them around just for the laughs.

As you guys know, we love those kinds of pens.

And it just so happens, we’ve stumbled across some real winners of late. (Several courtesy of our fellow penthusiasts.)

In no special order, here they are.

1.Swiss Army Pen

Swiss Army Knife Pen

OK, first, anything Swiss Army is cool. But a pen shaped like a bullet, with a blade, screwdriver, nail file and scissors – and a Fisher Space Pen pressurized ink cartridge? How could you not want one of those?

Oh, it also has a flashlight built in!

This is one of those pens that’s not only fun and unsual, but that you can actually use, too. The Swiss Army Pen comes in several different models – including Aviator and Golf – and in various colors, including classic red.

And for some reason, the range also includes a Swiss Army Pen loaded with essential oils.

They’re carried by our friend Tom over at Goldspot Pens.

2. Hog Wild Slot Machine Pen

Slot Machine Pen

Take a little gamble every time you use this pen (no, we’re not saying it might leak all over you).

This is an 8-inch plastic twist-open ballpoint pen with a clicker that spins a slot machine wheel each time you press it. Perfect for sitting at your desk, daydreaming about hitting in big in Vegas and retiring to a full-time life of leisure.

Unfortunately, even if you hit the jackpot, the pen does not pay out. But still, c’mon, it’s fun.

Our only real beef with this one is the price: more than US$12.

3. Combi-Lock Pen

Combi Lock Pen
Image By Does This Pen Write

Hat tip to Does This Pen Write? for turning us on to this little gem.

It’s a pen with a combination lock built in so that no pen thief can actually use the pen without knowing the combo. Of course, the thief probably won’t discover that until after making off with the pen, but at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing you got the last laugh.

Plus, you can keep your hands busy playing with the dials while you talk on the phone.

Now the bummer is, apparently this pen is hard to find in stock now.

4. Drumstick Pencils

Drumstick Pencils

Technically, not a novelty pen, but still brilliant.

If you’re that person who loves to drum on things with your pens – and really, who isn’t? – then these pencils are perfect for you because they’re writing utensils on one end and drumsticks on the other.

Bada bump!

Good-looking natural wood color, but no details on what type of lead. And make sure you have an eraser handy because the pencils don’t come with them.

5. Breeze Pen

Breeze Pen

So you’re standing in line at some sweltering government office, wondering if this is what Hell is like, and suddenly, you think, “Hey, I can cool myself off.”

Then you just reach into a pocket and pull out your Breeze Pen. It has a tiny little battery-operated fan that will soothe you with a steady flow of refreshing air.

Yeah, fantasy.

But the pen looks cool. And according to Brookstone, it’s a rollerball, so it should write reasonably well. It’s also ‘finger safe’ so you won’t hurt yourself.

Not a bad price, either.

6. LED Pen Camera

LED Pen Camera

This one just appeals to us because it makes a noise and flashes. Silly, we know.

It seems to be your standard ballpoint pen, except that it has a little camera on the top, and when you push the plunger, the camera flashes.

That’s it.

Nothing fancy, just a good pen for fidgeters.

It comes from Kikkerland, which makes a range of assorted fun little pens.

Got any fun pens of your own to recommend? Jump in and tell us about them.

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