STABILO GREENpoint Sign Pen Review

When thinking about felt pens, I visualise school children in the classroom adding colour to their masterpieces.  If you looked in a few pencil cases I wonder how many contain a Stabilo Greenpoint Sign Pen.

Stabilo Greenpoint Black

With the legendary orange & white stripe barrel, the cap, end cap & sturdy clip are colour coded with the ink inside.  These pens are available in black, blue red, green, lilac & turquoise & the strong tip is 0.8mm wide.

The target market appears to be school children, office workers & teachers,  Stabilo suggest they can be used for soft writing, colouring & highlighting.  When I used the Stabilo Greenpoint my first impression was that it would be more suited to drawing or colouring than writing.

As I’ve mentioned before I couldn’t draw a picture if my life depended on it, so I ploughed ahead & started to write.  Given a choice a medium tip would always be my preference, however this 0.8mm tip produced a line that looked just too wide.  The lack of a grip combined with the hexagonal barrel did not feel comfortable & unfortunately the writing experience was not enjoyable.

Made from 98% recycled plastic this pen is certainly up there with the best examples in the environmentally friendly camp.  Stabilo’s Green line is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  There are other companies keen to be green, Pilot markers in the Begreen range are one example & are made from around 76% recycled material, on the other hand many don’t appear to have joined the green brigade at all as yet.

If I needed to write labels or make entries in a scrapbook, the Stabilo Greenpoint Sign pen may come in useful.  In my opinion, for what it’s worth, I still feel they would be more suited to drawing or colouring.  If I were a few years ooh OK then decades younger, I’d be more than happy to have one of each colour in my pencil case.

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