Zebra Jimnie Antique Gel Pen 0.7mm Review

Personally I like the bold colour choices that Gel pens have to offer, the Zebra Antique Hyper Jell as the name suggests are a range of gel rollerballs offering 6 old fashioned ink colours that were probably around long before the colour wheel was even thought of.Zebra Jimnie Antique Hyper Jell

I have often read that gel pens are “ideal” for scrap booking.  I have vague recollections of a large dogeared A3 paperback with thick dark grey pages that were full of entrance tickets from favourite places like Madame Tussauds, London Zoo, along with a variety of other events.  I even saved some of the tickets from transport companies that had taken us there & Snapshots were carefully stuck in place as a lasting reminder of happy times.

Anyway on to the review, I chose to sample one of the blue-grey pens, they are also available in bordeaux red, forrest green, grey, brown & black-blue.

Here’s what I thought of this Zebra


This is not the most stylish pen I’ve seen.  The relatively wide cushioned grip is comfortable & non slip, this positive is spoilt somewhat by the clouded transparent barrel & end cap, it gives me the impression that it is cheap.  OK it doesn’t pretend to be high end but some of the other inexpensive Zebra’s, the Z grip with cheetah & tiger patterns come to mind, are more pleasing to the eye in my opinion.  I suppose you could argue that a clear barrel makes it easy to keep check on the ink level, but it’s the only benefit I can see for it.

Writing experience

The acid free pigment gel ink did perform well, it was quick to dry ensuring there were no smudges in sight.  I found it raced across the page without any skipping & the ink flow was consistent.   Some gel pens dry out easily & others react to cold temperatures, I retrieved mine from the car after a particularly cold night & it worked with no problems at all.

As I mentioned at the beginning, one of the things I like about gels are the bold & often bright colours, this antique shade of blue-grey looks lack lustre to me, I find the blue Papermate is much more vibrant.

My opinion aside, Zebra are sure to have done their research before launch, they must know they have an audience for these pens.  I hadn’t realised until recently that scrap booking is a pastime that many people still enjoy,  I’ve even noticed there are work from home business opportunities on offer for resourceful individuals that have the talent to make something from nothing.  Now I come to think about it no doubt there are folk out there that like to work with vintage photos, make items look distressed & add character to their work, maybe these Zebra Antique Jells will be added to their collections.

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9 thoughts on “Zebra Jimnie Antique Gel Pen 0.7mm Review”

  1. I bought a box of each when I heard the were discontinuing them, love the colours and as I’m left handed there great as I struggle with a fountain pen.

  2. I love the antique jell pens. Have they really been discontinued?? They are the best pens made.. I want some!!! especially the burgandy one.

  3. it’s a shame that Zebra have stopped making them as they were really popular in the UK but unfortunately they are a global company and probably took the decision to stop making them on global sales. we can only hope that Zebra have something up their sleeve that will appeal to fans of the antique look ink in the future.

  4. No, you do not sell these pens anymore thanks to Zebra discontinuing them. I am sooo NOT happy!! I have loved these antique colored pens for years and years!! I can no longer find them anywhere! Every other pen falls well short of my expectations!! Okay, I’m done venting!! Cheers!

    • Tiger Pens, the store that runs this blog. Go up to the top of the page and click the ‘online store’ link. On the left side of the main page, you will see a list of pen brands. Just select the one you want…in this case, Zebra. Happy shopping! 🙂


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