Dexter Finale: What Kind of Pen?

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the Dexter series finale, stop reading and run, run far away!

OK, so everyone’s favorite serial killer of serial killers has finished his bloody reign in Miami and gone off into exile as a lonely lumberjack.

But not before doing in Oliver Saxon, his nemesis and final victim. In a jail cell. On camera. With nothing more than an ink pen.

It’s always nice to see pens in pop culture, especially in hits like Showtime’s Dexter. It reminds people that pens are still a thing, and it gives us pen people a chance to casually show off our esoteric knowledge of suddenly relevant items.

Obviously, it would be better if the pen in question wasn’t being gleefully used as an instrument of death, or if it was something more than a simple ballpoint, but hey, pens need all the publicity they can get.

Dexter Pen 1

If you saw the episode, then you know that Dexter (Michael C. Hall) lovingly caresses the pen, places it down with great precision, then calmly informs his victim that he intends to kill him with it.

The scene gives us several long looks at the pen, and I’ve been trying to identify it.

Dexter Pen 2

To me, the barrel looks a little like a Bic Ultra Round Stic Pen, but the grip is slightly off, and the cap is completely wrong. It’s possible the prop department modified the pen a bit so as to not run afoul of the brand, but I don’t know.

Any thoughts?

Also, be sure to let us know when you spot a pen showing up prominently in a movie, TV show or other bit of pop culture.

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