Drawings, Sketches And Paintings From Hurricane Sandy

We’re starting to see some interesting artwork come out of Hurricane Sandy, the monster storm that wrecked the northeast coast of the US a couple weeks ago.

While the storm raged, artists were inspired to pick up pens and paper and create images of what they were experiencing. The results range from simple sketches of families watching the waves come in to surrealistic paintings of iconic news footage.

Hurricane Sandy Drawing

Image Credit dittofunky // sketch123

Here are some examples for your enjoyment. We’re linking, rather than showing the art itself so as to not infringe on the artists’ works.

Also, there are a number of artworks for sale to help benefit Hurricane Sandy relief programs. Flavor Wire has a great list of art you can buy to help those affected by the storm, including a classic ‘I (Heart) NY’ t-shirt with the bottom covered in blue water.

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