Edding 30 Paper Marker Review

The last time I used a paper marker pen was on a training course, writing on a flip chart in front of a room of other students.  The Edding 30 brilliant paper marker, is apparently ideal for artwork & crafts of all kinds.  I’m not known for my artistic talents & have never been bitten by the crafting bug, but I did begin thinking about other uses of these pens.

Edding 30 Marker Blue

The Edding Company have been around for 50 years & started its journey with the launch of the No.1 Permanent Marker.  The Edding 30 pens contain water based pigment ink which is said to be lightfast, a claim that apparently can’t be made of most other markers.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, namely the weather, this was not something I could test, particularly as it’s suggested that a swatch is left by a sunny window for at least a month.

This has to be an advantage for most users.  Maybe not an issue if your project is hidden away in a book, but if you want to frame your work of art, or maybe you have a wall at a school or nursery dedicated to a collage, which needs filling, this pen is likely to get the thumbs up.

The markers are available in black, red, blue, green yellow, brown, orange & violet.  A range of 8 opaque, solid, heavy colours, arrived at due to the density of pigments in the ink.

Other qualities that the Edding 30 are said to possess are that they are extremely permanent, non-toxic, don’t smudge & in addition to paper are well suited to metal, glass & plastic.  Depending upon the usage I imagine the tips of markers can wear down very quickly, if so they can be replaced with 360N tips.  Should the nibs still be in good condition but ink levels are low, the markers can easily be refilled by inserting the tip into a PTK25 refill station, it will be ready to use again in minutes.

So next time I’m feeling creative or decide to be original & try my hand at card making I’ll know to look for a selection of Edding 30 markers.

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