Pentel Sterling Executive Rollerball Pen Review

When I think of an executive pen it conjures up thoughts of luxury, some of the high end brand names also come to mind.   When I picked up a Pentel Sterling Executive Rollerball, somehow I expected it to perform well.

Pentel Sterling Executive Pen
Pentel Sterling Executive Pen


A silver brushed steel case has a black end stopper & tip on the cap displaying the Pentel logo.  The sturdy clip & ring that meets the cap is a contrasting silver colour.  This pen can be refilled with the MGN6S, unlike many other refills that slot inside the barrel, these are complete units therefore the top section in this case black makes up part of the barrel & contrast’s with the case.  Refills are also available with blue ink.

At first glance I formed the impression that the Sterling Exec. was shorter than average.  A quick look through some of my collection I found this not to be the case, at about 5” long when capped it was no different from the Parker Jotter or Pilot Vpen.  I did find however that many of my favourites were around 1/2” longer.


Despite the lack of a grip section I did find it OK to hold, there was no slip from the black section at the tip.  With regards to the writing experience, the ink flowed well with minimal pressure & the 0.6mm tip produced a smooth clear line. The colour was bold & dark & didn’t clog.  The water based ink dried very quickly & therefore no smudging was evident.  My expectations had been reached this pen did perform well.


I like to post the cap on my pens when I write, probably because I’m not the tidiest of workers.  I usually end up with a lot of stuff in my work space & it’s easier than searching through a pile of papers when I leave the desk.  Unfortunately this marked the stylish case leaving a rim on the barrel.

Another minor irritation was that the cap doesn’t fit with positive snap, which prompted me to check it was tightly closed, just incase it should dry out.


Simple, stylish, slender & lightweight, although in a higher price range than some of the other rollerballs on the market, the Pentel Sterling Executive won’t have you digging as deep into your pocket as say the OHTO Liberty or the Parker Urban.  OK not really a comparison to be made but IMO there’s a place for everything & it does have an expensive look about.


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  1. I would like to buy the Pental Stirling Executive Rollerball Pen shown on you website.

    I own already one and MGN6S-A refills. A second one would be great.

    • Hi Peter

      These are no longer made by Pentel so you will need to try and find a second hand one in good condition, probably set up a search on eBay and wait for one to turn up.


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